Operating Systems

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Operating Systems

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Operating Systems Frequently Asked Questions

SYNCHRO 'Out of Memory'

Q.SYNCHRO has crashed with an "Out of Memory" error message
A.If SYNCHRO displays a "Not enough memory" or "There is not enough memory to run SYNCHRO." error message, or crashes following such a message; then it means the virtual memory available to SYNCHRO is exhausted.
In this case, please try the following:

Compare the Total Physical Memory, with the Total Virtual Memory, both are displayed in the Help->About->System dialog), you should see something like:

OS Total Virtual Memory Size: 2047 MB
Physical Memory Bank 0 Size:  2048 MB
Physical Memory Bank 1 Size:  2048 MB

In this case, consider increasing the amount of Virtual Memory available

SYNCHRO Version Compatibility

Q.How can I mix and match my versions and editions of SYNCHRO?
A.When discussing compatibility, there are a number of "versions" to think about:
·The version of the SYNCHRO Application (as shown in the Help->About dialog in the SYNCHRO Client)
·The version of the SYNCHRO Project (".sp") File
What this means regarding compatibility:
·SYNCHRO retains backward compatibility with previous versions of the sp file, when an old sp file is opened in SYNCHRO, it is automatically upgraded to the latest version when it is saved (this means the application and file versions are always identical)
·SYNCHRO does not support forward compatibility, i.e. you cannot open a sp file from a later version of SYNCHRO in an earlier version of the application.