Project Management

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Project Management

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Project Management Frequently Asked Questions

Task Milestones and Key Dates

QHow do I designate a Task as a ‘milestone’?
A.SYNCHRO refers to a Task milestone as a 'Key Date', which can be set within the Task Properties->General tab by changing the Type (typically from a default value of ‘Work’) to ‘Start Key Date' or ‘Finish Key Date'.


Q.Can I re-use Resources, for example Equipment Resources used in different locations over time?
A.Yes - the same Resource can be assigned to many Tasks, and each Task can use the Resource in a specific location and orientation, which can be defined via the Task Properties Resource list context menu to Transform Assign Resource (simple or complex).
Note that the on-screen Manipulator symbols will by default be highlighted red if the element has been assigned, and they will be grey if the element has not been assigned.   For more information on manipulating elements, refer to Using SYNCHRO - Manipulating Objects.
Q.How do I stop ALL these 3D Resources appearing in my planning application
AThis problem typically occurs following an export or synchronisation operation; when a Resource has been created for every 3D element, then the user synchronises with a 3rd Party planning application (Primavera, Asta Powerproject or MS-Project).
The first point to remember is that it is not always necessary to create resources for every 3D element - in reality there is no such thing as a "3D resource", simply a resources that has a 3D representation assigned to it.
However if your plan requires this, you can avoid these resources appearing in your 3rd party planning application:

1. If the project was originally created in SYNCHRO, Export the project, choosing the "Skip" option for Resource Assignments:

i. If subsequent changes are made in SYNCHRO, perform a "Synchronise To" operation, again selecting "Skip" for the Resource Assignments

ii. If changes are made in the 3rd party planning application, perform a "Synchronise From" operation, choosing "Consolidate 3D". This will ensure that any Resources with 3D representations are untouched by the synchronisation operation

2. If the project was originally created in a 3rd Party planning application, Import the Project and Import any 3D models you require, and assign representations to resources and resources to tasks:

i. If subsequent changes are made in SYNCHRO, perform a "Synchronise To" operation, selecting "Consolidate 3D" for the Resources Assignments

ii. If changes are made in the 3rd party planning application, perform a "Synchronise From" operation, again selecting "Consolidate 3D" for the Resource Assignments

Workgroup Project Deployment

Q.Are there any guidelines for collaborative (workgroup) project deployment?
A.The SYNCHRO application suite has always been designed with collaborative (workgroup) project management in mind.
Ideally the lead project planner/consultant should:
1.Use SYNCHRO Professional to establish the initial project plan and schedule, including
i.Importing any 3D models
ii.Creating the initial project schedule
iii.Linking the schedule to the 3D model to allow 4D simulation and review of the plan

2. Once the initial project has been established, assign Companies (for example Suppliers and Sub-Contractors), Roles and Users to the project - assigning Tasks and Project Privileges are necessary.
This step allows companies (sub-contractors and suppliers) project access to update their own areas of responsibility within the project; while presenting a unified version of the entire project schedule.
Alternatively SYNCHRO Open Viewer may be deployed to provide READ-ONLY access for Partners, Suppliers, Sub-Contractors or other Stakeholders who simply require review/monitoring access to the project in Real-Time.

3. Deploy your project to the SYNCHRO Server (as discussed in the SYNCHRO Server System Administration section of the help manual)
The Server provides built-in facilities to deploy a SYNCHRO project into a Server environment, ready for access for a group of connected clients.