User Interface and Operation

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User Interface and Operation

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User Interface and Operation Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is the complete list of shortcut keys defined by default on installation?
A.The list of SYNCHRO shortcut key combinations is as follows...

General Shortcuts

Scheduling Shortcuts

3D Shortcuts


Open Help Contents

Ctrl + I

Insert New Task > Above

Ctrl + Shift + A

Assign Resource to Selected Task(s)


Refresh All


Insert New Task > Below

Ctrl + U

Unassign Resource from 'Assigned to' Task(s)

Ctrl + N

New Private Project

Ctrl + Shift + I

Insert New Task > Below

Ctrl + B

Edit > Advanced Manipulator

Ctrl + O

Open Private Project

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + I

Insert New Task > As Child

Ctrl + Shift + R

Resources Wizard

Ctrl + P


Ctrl + Shift + F

Focus Time on Task > Start

Ctrl + Shift + H

Filters > Hide Selected

Ctrl + S

Save Private Project

Ctrl + F5

Compute Critical Path

Ctrl + Shift + S

Filters > Add Selected to Filter

Ctrl + Z




Ctrl + Shift + D

Filters > Remove Selected from Filter

Ctrl + '


Ctrl + F9

Reschedule Selected

Ctrl + W

Camera > Walk

Ctrl + [

Toggle Navigator

Ctrl + F

Find Task

Ctrl + E

Camera > Examine

Ctrl + ]

Toggle Task Properties

Ctrl + H

Find & Replace Tasks

Ctrl + R

Camera >Record

Ctrl + =

Gantt Zoom In

Ctrl + L

Link Tasks as Chain

Ctrl + Shift + J

Zoom All

Ctrl + -

Gantt Zoom Out

Alt  + Right arrow

Move > Indent

Ctrl + Shift + K

Zoom Selected

Ctrl + Shift + L


Alt  + Left arrow

Move > Outdent



Ctrl + .

Play>Move forward one step

Alt  + Up arrow

Move > Up



Ctrl + ,

Play>Move back one step

Alt + Down arrow

Move > Down





Ctrl + X

Cut Task(s)





Ctrl + C

Copy Task(s)





Ctrl + V

Paste Task(s)





Ctrl + Drag down

Copy  numerical values





Drag down

Increment numerical values





Ctrl + A

Select All Tasks





Ctrl +  Shift + U

Unassign All Resources from Selected Tasks



Windows Management

Q.I have double-clicked on the Gantt tab on the main tab bar, so that the Gantt chart has become a single undocked window.  Now, as I move this window around the SYNCHRO screen, how do I reinstate it to the main tab?
A.To reinstate an undocked main window to the main tab, right-click in the title bar and select Move to Main Tab.  Note that the tab can then be re-ordered amongst the existing tabs by selecting and dragging.