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NOTE: The Main Menus are only applicable when Use Ribbon style is disabled in Options>Look & Feel.

The Main menus are displayed at the top of the application window. Each menu name contains a number of options, (which are usually duplicated by the icons in the Toolbars).

·File allows you to open existing, create new, save existing projects and print windows.
·Edit provides the ability to modify information in SYNCHRO.
·View controls the display of Toolbars and can change the way information is displayed.
·3D enables the manipulation of the 3D window and 3D objects.
·Play provides options to play through time at configurable rates for either predefined animations or for the Gantt chart and 3D windows.
·Windows manages the composition of the SYNCHRO screen.
·Tools accesses the panels of options and also the Resource Leveller.
·Navigator allows you to toggle on or off the Navigator windows
·Help provides options to open this help file, open the help file index, search for topics/word in the help file, go to the SYNCHRO Software Ltd web site, and to find out about the version and contact addresses for SYNCHRO Software Ltd.


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