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·The Options Dialog controls presentation, such as the Time display format or the Colours used to denote non-working time in the Gantt chart, or that newly created Tasks are always to start as soon as possible.
·Auto Matching enables the user to assign Resources to Tasks using custom filters based on text match between Resource Name and Task Name or Task ID or Task Comment.
·Resource Leveller seeks to reschedule selected Tasks to remove any over-utilisation of one or more Resources assigned to more than one Task happening at the same time.
·The SYNCHRO Script tool allows you to make scripts that will automatically calculate and update values in the current project.
·Compute Critical Path can be used to whenever the task schedule is changed to determine the current project Critical Path
·The Reschedule option is enabled when Automatic Rescheduling is disabled to allow you to reschedule your plan
·The Reschedule Selected tool reschedules ONLY the currently selected tasks
·The Reschedule Report analyses and lists schedule statistics, warnings and errors.
·The Schedule Health Check report is based on the first 11 points of the DCMA 14-point Assessment
·The Update Progress tool allows you to update the progress status of selected tasks or all tasks in the current project.
·The Compare Schedules tool allows two schedules to be compared and produces a report of added, removed, or updated data
·The Copy User Field Values dialog allows you to allows you to effectively move User Fields and Values between objects (for example, from Resources to Tasks etc)
·The Recalculate User Field Values dialog provides options for updating the values of User Fields with Formulas
·Recalculate Task Progress from Resource Statuses opens a window to create, edit, and run rules to update task progress based on Resource Status of assigned Resources
·The Tabular Reports option displays the SYNCHRO reports dialog, to generate a report...
·Notes and Documents displays a window with a table referencing all Notes and Documents assigned to Tasks, Resources, and 3D Objects
·The 3D PDF tool allows you to export multiple 3D views to a 3D PDF report template


Shortcut: Alt+T

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