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Notes and Documents

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The Notes and Documents window lists all Notes and Documents by assigned Task/Resource/Resource Group/3D Object

·Filters applied in the Gantt, Resource, and 3D Objects windows will also apply to this window. In other words, if a Task is not visible in the Gantt window, it will not be listed in Notes and Documents even if it has assigned Notes or Documents
·TIP: Left click in a Task, Resource, Resource Group or 3D Object row to select that item in the related window. Select a Document row to select the Document in the Navigator>Documents window
·Right click in the table to access the following context menu:

References to Include - Choose whether to include Notes, Documents, or both in the table. For example, toggle off Notes to show only Documents in the table

Objects to Include  - Choose whether to include Tasks, Resources, Resource Groups, and/or 3D Objects in the table

Export Report - Opens a dialog to export the table to a report with the columns, sorting, references and objects as currently set up.

Reports can be printed in a variety of formats, either directly to a printer or to the screen to preview the results before they are printed. Choose the desired format from the Direct to... dropdown menu

The Options button may also be used (if enabled) to adjust the print properties associated with the selected Report format...

Press the Start button to begin the Report generation...


The report will look similar to the following:

·Right click in a column header to access the following context menu:

Customise Columns - open the Customise Columns dialog to add or remove any of the Notes, Documents, Task, Resource, or 3D Object fields

Sort - open the Sort dialog to sort the Notes and Documents rows under each Task/Resource/3D Object summary. Sorting for Tasks/Resources/3D Objects is controlled by sorting in those windows

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