System Administration

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System Administration

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System Administration

Management of SWP is achieved using the Server Administration window which is part of the SYNCHRO Client User Interface.

The following relates to the general System Administration tasks that may be necessary

Deploying a New Project

To Deploy a new SYNCHRO Project:-

1.Obtain a Project License from SYNCHRO
2.Stop the SYNCHRO Server
3.At a command prompt enter
synchroserver –deploy <project name> <path to sp file> <administrator password>
This will create a new directory for the project (using the desired project name) within the SYNCHRO Server’s projects directory, and import your SYNCHRO project file
4.Configure the config.xml file to start a new project with the same name as the directory created, specifying the license and the checkpoint settings.
5.Restart the SYNCHRO Server so that the new project becomes available.
Note:You may need to navigate (use the 'CD' command at the DOS prompt ) to the SYNCHRO Server installation directory

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To Start and Stop the SYNCHRO Server

SYNCHRO Software Ltd recommends that before shutting down a machine that the SYNCHRO Server service is running on, the service should be stopped manually.

The SYNCHRO Server can be controlled via a Command Window, or using the Windows Services Control Panel (Start->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services)

From a command window:

To do this:

Type this:

To start the SYNCHRO Service

net start “Synchro Server”

To stop the SYNCHRO Server

net stop “Synchro Server”

To list all currently running services

net start

Note:Ensure that enough time is allowed for the stop and start commands to complete; this may be several seconds for a large project...


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