SYNCHRO Workgroup Project (SWP)

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SYNCHRO Workgroup Project (SWP)

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This section is a guide to the technical aspects of the SYNCHRO Workgroup Project product. It is aimed at technical professionals who require an understanding of the general architecture, requirements and operation of the product.

SYNCHRO Workgroup Project is delivered as a Windows Service and as such has no direct user interface (although Server status and logs can be reviewed via the Server Administration Window of a SYNCHRO Professional client session).

SYNCHRO Workgroup Project provides the following features:

oCollaboration for SYNCHRO Professional and/or Workgroup clients
oData integrity
oBroadcast based information distribution
oService-based execution
oTransaction history and rollback
oSerialized checkpoints


The SYNCHRO Workgroup Project will support an unlimited number of projects (restricted only by hardware) that each allow a single user to connect.

Projects are licensed individually based on the number of concurrently connected users required.

Configuration of individual projects is achieved by adding a SYNCHRO Software Ltd supplied Project Workgroup Project License to the server configuration file, this process is described more fully in later sections.


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