Installing SWP

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Installing SWP

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SYNCHRO SWP Software Installation

The SYNCHRO Server application is installed locally on your computer hard drive.

You will need Administrator privileges in order to install SYNCHRO on your computer.

1.Run the setupSynchroServer(x64).exe command installer program.
2.Follow the instructions given by the InstallShield Wizard...
3.Select Next >
4.Accept the terms in the licence agreement and select Next> (or otherwise select Cancel)
5.At this point in the installation you can choose  to change the installation directory

By default SYNCHRO Server installs to C:\Program Files\Bentley\SYNCHRO\Server\
If your happy with the default, simply press Next >
6.The installation now needs to know where SYNCHRO Project Files should be saved and the TCP/IP port to be used for Client-Server communications

Modify these as required, and press Next >
7.Press Install to begin the installation process
8.When the installation completes, press Finish

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