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Look & Feel

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Options. Look & Feel

The Look & Feel dialog defines the SYNCHRO visual presentation style.

Application Look: You can select from a number of display themes, including:


Scenic (Windows 7® like)

Office 2013® - White, Gray, or Dark Gray

Office 2016® - Colorful, Dark Gray, White, or Black

Visual Studio 2013® - Light, Dark, or Llight Blue

Tab Style: You can choose between a Flat, 3D, One Note®, Visual Studio 2005®, Rounded, or Pointer display for the main window tabs (Welcome, Gantt, Task Usage, etc)

Docking: Choose between Standard, Immediate or Smart. The Immediate option additionally proposes window docking locations as the window is moved around the SYNCHRO screen.   The Smart (the default) option displays top, bottom, left and right window location symbols, which, when the cursor is positioned over, predict docking locations by shading the proposed area of SYNCHRO screen.

Language: Sets the display language - English, Russian, Portuguese, French, Korean, Turkish, Chinese (simplified), Spanish, Chinese (traditional), Arabic, Polish

Enable Advanced Gantt Chart Style switches from the traditional Gantt view bars, lines and arrows graphics to an Advanced 3D graphics set of images.

Use Ribbon Style- When enabled the menus will display in Ribbon Style. Disable to revert to toolbar style.


Enable splash screen at startup - when enabled, an image will be displayed before SYNCHRO opens when the SYNCHRO application is launched


Optimise Spacing between Commands: When Touch is enabled, the commands in the Ribbon are spaced further apart to accomate a touch screen interface




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