The SYNCHRO Platform

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The SYNCHRO Platform

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Schedule optimization through visual validation. See your construction project- edit it- add logistics, temporary works and resources- discover conflicts in space and time (not only design) as well as unsafe work conditions, optimize and validate your approach before construction ever begins. This is the power of SYNCHRO PRO.

Your projects will be safer, more productive and more reliable when you have a plan your entire delivery team understands and can trust. This is the power of SYNCHRO PRO 4D BIM Construction Scheduling Software.

PRO can work either stand-alone - managing the complete project model independently, or in a combination with the SYNCHRO Workgroup in managing access to a centralized project model.

 SYNCHRO Scheduler

SYNCHRO Scheduler is a traditional 2D Gantt chart project planning and scheduling software with an advanced CPM engine. Create your schedule from scratch in SYNCHRO Scheduler. Add task descriptions, durations, and logic, and let the SYNCHRO CPM engine calculate start and finish dates and the Critical Path. Create multiple calendars, apply constraints or lag, and view the schedule in Work Breakdown Structure or Activity Code mode.

SYNCHRO Scheduler can Synchronize from both P6 and Microsoft Project.

SYNCHRO Workgroup Project

SYNCHRO Workgroup Project Server is a cloud based 4D Model Server, The Workgroup Project Server allows your entire delivery team to view and edit a master project file concurrently, in real-time. These capabilities allow distributed workload for planning and scheduling teams to access a common, central model and repository of planning information stored to alleviate communications, coordination, version control and scheduling issues.  Users with SYNCHRO PRO, SYNCHRO Scheduler, or SYNCHRO Open Viewer can all access a project on SYNCHRO Workgroup Project Server. Read/write access to all or part of a project is defined at user level. There is no limit to the number of concurrent users who may access a SYNCHRO Workgroup Project.

SYNCHRO Open Viewer

SYNCHRO Open Viewer our free 4D Read and Report Viewer which provides the freedom to view SYNCHRO PRO models.  Extend the value of your SYNCHRO licenses, give your entire team unparalleled clarity to thoroughly understand and analyze plans and schedules so teams can improve project delivery execution, quickly respond to unexpected changes and create significant value for their organizations and project stakeholders.



SYNCHRO SITE takes your 4D construction model to the field so everyone, including Foremen and site personnel, can visually review and easily understand the planned activities and conditions of the project: past, present or future from an iPad. As works are performed and conditions change, multiple participants can track progress and status activities and resources in real-time from their iPads directly back to the master model with a tap of a finger, add notes or attach photos.


SYNCHRO LINK enables SYNCHRO SITE to access PRO .sp files. Only one SYNCHRO LINK license is required to access unlimited projects from a shared server (subject to hardware limitations). If SYNCHRO PRO .sp files are to be made available directly to SITE from an individual PC rather than a server- that PC will require a SYNCHRO LINK license.