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Window Placement

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Windows>Window Placement

Window Placement tools allows you save which windows and toolbars are open and their position. You can then quickly switch between these saved window configurations

NOTE: There are two separate Layout concepts in SYNCHRO: Windows>Window Placement contains Window Placement presets 1-4 which save which window are open and their placement. Navigator>Layouts saves table customisation (columns, sort, filters) and 3D View properties among others)

To toggle between window configurations, simply press one of the 4 Window Placement icons, for example Window Placement 2:

Reset Placement restores the default window layout and the configuration and operation of the menus for the selected Window Placement

There are 4 default Window Placement presets built into SYNCHRO.

Window Placement 1 is intended for general use, and for creating the 4D model

Window Placement 2 is intended for reviewing the 4D project after is created. This Window Placement is especially suited for use with the SYNCHRO Time Machine

Window Placement 3 is intended for presenting the 4D model an a projector screen

Window Placement 4 is intended for creating and editing the schedule


To create a custom Window Placement preset:

1.Select the Window Placement preset to use (1-4)
2.Reorganise the application windows, and toolbars as required
3.Press Save Placement


Use Export Placement to share the customised Window Placement presets with another user or computer.

1. Browse to the file location and choose the .reg file extension from the dropdown

2. To load Window Placement presets from the saved .reg file, simply double click on the file and the Window Placement presets will be added to the registry


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