Installing the SYNCHRO Client

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Installing the SYNCHRO Client

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SYNCHRO Client Software Installation

The SYNCHRO Client application is installed locally on to your computer hard drive.

You will need Administrator privileges in order to install SYNCHRO on your computer

1.Run the saved installer program file
2.Select the language for the installation. The choices are English (United States), French (Standard), Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Polish and Turkish.

3.Follow the installation instruction given by the InstallShield Wizard...

4. Select Next >

5. Accept the terms in the licence agreement and select Next> (or otherwise select Cancel)


6. The Setup page allows you to change the installation directory for the main application, and also chose which additional features you require (for example, the Tutorial files, Example Project, or SketchUp Plug-ins). You can also choose to install Additional SYNCHRO Plug-ins such as SketchUp and ProjectWise. ProjectWise is a cloud based file storing platform offered by Bentley. ProjectWise will only work if you have an established account with Bentley.
Select Next >


7. Select the default graphics driver


8. Select Install

9. Please wait while SYNCHRO is installed. Progress will be shown.

10.  Administrator rights are not required for any subsequent steps.
 You may not wish to start SYNCHRO as the Administrator, in which case deactivate the launch option.
 When the installation has completed, select Finish

  If you choose to "Install DirectX" the Microsoft DirectX installer will start which will install (or upgrade) DirectX when you press "Finish"

Note: The "Install DirectX" option will be automatically checked if you selected DirectX as your default graphics driver...