Resource Properties

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Resource Properties

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Resource Properties

The Resource Properties window displays the properties related to the current selected Resources

The properties relating to the current Resource are displayed in the following tabs:


Right click over the tabs to access the context menu and uncheck any tabs you wish to hide.

Tabs can also be reordered by left clicking the tab and using drag and drop to the new location.

The Resource Properties window can be displayed in a vertical or horizontal layout. By default it opens on the right side of the screen (docked with the other Properties windows) in a vertical layout. Undock the window and drag and drop to the bottom of the application using the Smart Placement icons and the window will be reconfigured for a horizontal layout.  When resizing the window, horizontal layout will be used when the width is greater than the height. In horizontal layout the tab names are visible, while in vertical layout they are not -  in vertical layout, hover over the tab icon to see the tab name.

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