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The 3D subdivision window provides a simple mechanism that allows you to dissect a 3D element into smaller parts. The resulting subdivisions can then be individually selected, assigned to Resources, renamed, re-coloured and/or filtered separately.

Upon Synchronisation, the subdivision definition will be reapplied to the bounding box of the corresponding synchronised 3D file geometry, and the number of retained and/or lost subdivisions reported.

To display the 3D Subdivision window, select 3D Ribbon->3D Subdivision

When opened, the subdivision window contains all the 3D entities that were currently selected in main 3D window.

Check the Subdivide Multiple Objects box to subdivide all selected simultaneously with the same settings. When this option is not selected, the first selected element is considered as the target for subdivision; all other elements are still displayed for reference.

SYNCHRO provides 4 types of subdivision:


When selected, any existing subdivisions will be removed, and any associated 3D Resources will be deleted and unassigned from any tasks that may have utilised them.


In this mode the subdivided element is split into orthogonal uniform planes (columns, rows and layers). You simply define how many rows, columns and layers you require.

User Slice

In this mode the subdivided element is split into orthogonal non-uniform planes (columns, rows and layers). The size of each slice is defined as a proportion of the original geometry (a value of 0.5 would create a subdivision plane in the middle of the selected axis)
You can then navigate through the arrays subsections, and alter the proportions of each slice as required.

Free Hand

In this mode the subdivision planes are defined by user-drawn lines (polylines) that are then extended in a particular direction.

The 3D Subdivision context menu provides convenient short-cuts to the most commonly used option from the main 3D Menu




For additional information, see:

3D->Camera and Link Cameras



Create Subdivision Polyline - allow the creation of complex subdivision within the selected 3D element as part of the Free Hand drawing mode of operation

3D->Render Mode

3D->Visual Indicators


NOTE: When subdividing objects with assigned User Fields, the value of the text String type User Fields will be retained on the subdivided parts. For Number type User Fields, the User Field will be assigned with a value of 0 to allow the user to assign a custom value if desired

The number of splits for each axis is limited to 100 and the total number of resulting sub-parts is limited to 1000

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