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3D Windows

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A 3D window is displayed by selecting Windows Ribbon->Main Windows->3D:

Any number of 3D windows can be open at the same time.

A 3D window displays the 3D scene relative to time to provide a 4D visual representation of the Project.

The view properties of the selected 3D window including Render Mode, Visual Indicators, active 3D Filters and active Cutting Planes can be edited in the 3D View Properties window

Note: When you first add a new 3D window it inherits the Camera Position and Dates To Use from the currently active 3D Window

The visualisation is generated by the assignment of modelled Resources to Tasks.


TIP:To maximise a 3D window (to full screen size):
1. Right-Click in its title bar and select Move to Main Tab (as the current Main window)
2. Select Windows Ribbon->Layout->Full Screen.  
(To return the 3D window, drag the corresponding tab and release when the desired location is proposed).

The use of a wheeled mouse is recommended when using 3D window.

There are 2 context menus in the 3D window depending on whether any 3D objects are selected.

The following menu is available when no 3D objects are selected:

This menu is available when one or more 3D objects are selected:

For more information, see:

2.Zoom (Also in 3D Ribbon and 4D Review)
3.Viewpoint (Also in 4D Review)
5.Create (Also in 3D Ribbon)
23. Save as Image (Also in Reports ribbon)
25. Render in Iray (Also in Reports ribbon)
26. 3D View Properties (Also in Windows Ribbon)

3.Zoom (Also in 3D Ribbon and 4D Review)
5.Create (Also in 3D Ribbon)
7.Edit (Also in 3D Ribbon)
15. Copy (Also in 3D Ribbon->Edit)
16. Paste (Also in 3D Ribbon->Edit)
22. Convert Polylines to 3D Path (Also in 3D Ribbon: Convert Polylines)


3D Keyboard Shortcuts



Assign Resource to Selected Task(s)

Ctrl + Shift + A

Unassign Resource from 'Assigned to' Task(s)

Ctrl +  U

Edit>Transform Resource

Ctrl + M

Change Manipulator (when Edit Manipulator is active)


Edit>Advanced Manipulator

Ctrl + B

Resources Wizard

Ctrl + Shift + R

Filters>Isolate Selected

Ctrl + Alt + S

Filters>Hide Selected

Ctrl + Shift + H

Filters>Create Filter from Selected

Ctrl + Alt + F

Filters>Add Selected to filter

Ctrl + Shift + S

Filters>Remove Selected from filter

Ctrl + Shift + D


Ctrl + W


Ctrl + E

Camera>Zoom All

Ctrl + Shift + J

Camera>Zoom Selected

Ctrl + Shift + K


Ctrl + R

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