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Browser Windows

·The Browser window allows you to retrieve, present and traverse information resources on the World Wide Web, Internet, or your local computer
·SYNCHRO allows you to enter URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) for Resources (General Information and Suppliers), Companies and Tasks.
In this way reference material (files, presentations, contracts etc) may be associated with these items...
·To open the link, press the Open URL... in Task Ribbon->Edit or to the right of the URL field in Task Properties->General

If the link refers to an external file, or items which cannot be displayed by the Browser Window, SYNCHRO will automatically launch the external application registered to display the information defined in the URL

Technically the URL field is composed of two parts:

1.An access protocol (such as "http://" meaning a web page, or "file://" meaning a local file)
2.The address of the resource (such as "")


·file:///C:\Documents and Settings\Username\My Documents\myfile.txt

Tip:  Support for other access protocols such as "https", "mailto" and "ftp" will be dependant upon your system settings...

NOTE:If the URL refers to a document or file that requires a 3rd party application to open it, then the application must be installed on the computer used to open the file.