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Gantt Window

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Gantt Window

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The Gantt Window displays all tasks in the Project:

The window may display tasks in the standard Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) mode:

Or display them sorted by Activity Codes:

Or display them simply as a List

See View->Gantt Mode

·The window is divided into 2 sections, on the left is the Task List, and on the right is the Gantt Chart.

Right-clicking Tasks in either the Task list or Gantt Chart displays the following context menu:



Most of the command in the context menu also correspond to an item in one of the Ribbons

Context Menu Command

Ribbon Location

Select Assigned Resources

Assign Resource>Select Assigned Resources

Assign Selected Resource(s)

Assign Resources>Assign Resources

Unassign All Resources

Assign Resources>Unassign All Resources

Reset 3D Transformations for All Assigned Resources

Extra>Reset 3D Transformations

Cut Task(s)

Plan>Edit>Cut Task(s)

Copy Task(s)

Plan>Edit>Copy Task(s)

Paste Task(s)

Plan>Edit >Paste Task(s)

Paste  As Text

Plan>Edit>Paste As Text

Fill Down

Plan>Edit>Fill Down

Rename task

Plan>Edit>Rename Task

Change Colours

Plan>Edit>Change Colours

Delete Task(s)

Plan>Edit>Delete Task(s)

Dissolve Task(s)

Plan>Edit>Dissolve Task(s)



Select All

Plan>Find/Select>Select All

Select Child Task(s)

Plan>Find/Select>Select Child Task(s)

Invert Selection

Plan>Find/Select>Invert Selection

Focus Time on Task


Clear Contents

Plan>Edit>Clear Contents

Insert New Task


Divide Duration between Children

Plan>Edit>Divide duration


Plan>Schedule>Start Task(s); Plan>Schedule>Finish Task(s)

Baseline Tasks

Plan>Baselines>Baseline Tasks

Open URL...

see Open URL...

Link Tasks


Remove Float


(Re)assign IDs

Plan>Edit>(Re)assign IDs




see List Navigation


see List Navigation

Collapse To

see List Navigation


Plan>Find/Select>Up to Previous Selected; Down to Next Selected

Find Task...

Plan>Find/Select>Find Task...

Find & Replace Task...

Plan>Find/Select>Find Replace Task...

Spell Check

see Spell Check

Task Properties

Windows>Properties Panels>Task Properties


Right-clicking Links in Gantt Chart displays the following context menu:

The menu allows you to navigate to either end of the selected link, or delete Links

Scheduling Keyboard shortcuts



Create Task>Above

Ctrl + I

Create Task>Below

Ctrl + Shift + I, Insert

Create Task>As Child

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + I

Focus time> Start

Ctrl + Shift + F

Compute critical path

Ctrl + F5



Reschdule Selected

Ctrl + F9

Find Task

Ctrl + F

Find & Replace Tasks

Ctrl + H

Link as Chain

Ctrl + L


Ctrl + Shift + .


Ctrl + Shift + ,


Ctrl + Shift + ; or Ctrl + Shift + Up arrow


Ctrl + Shift + / or Ctrl + Shift + Down arrow

Cut Task(s)

Ctrl + X

Copy Task(s)

Ctrl + C

Paste Task(s)

Ctrl + V

Copy numerical values

Ctrl + drag down (bottom right corner of cell)

Increment numerical values

drag down (bottom right corner of cell)

Select All Tasks

Ctrl + A

Unassign All Resources from Selected Task(s)

Ctrl + Shift + U


Ctrl + Shift + =


Ctrl + Shift + -


Ctrl + Shift + [


Ctrl + Shift + ]

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