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Line Of Balance Window

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Line of Balance

The Line of Balance is a method of  understanding progress vs. plan in a highly consolidated view. The name 'Line of Balance' used to describe this type of report relates to the effect where a diagonal line separates Tasks completed and Tasks still to be done. The hash signs within the squares represent the position of the focus time in the Gantt chart and thus shows the line of balance.  The angle of the diagonal Line of Balance indicates the rate of progress.

To display the Line Of Balance Window, select Windows->Line Of Balance.

The Line of Balance report displays status progress through categorised tasks in selected templates and is generated based only on the selected Template Tasks.   If no Template Tasks are selected the report will display no information, (this selection process allows the omission of templates not required to be included in the report).

Template Tasks are listed in the left hand column with their overall durations and start dates, the central section lists in columns each category of Task, and its current status, and the right hand section lists comments entered into the Task properties of a Template Task.

Creating Templates

·Templates are the means of grouping a series of Tasks, and each Template is displayed as a separate row in the Line of Balance report.
·Template Tasks must be 'parent' Tasks, of categorised child Tasks.
·To create Template Tasks, select all desired parent tasks, and mark them as Template Tasks in Task Properties>General>Line of Balance

Categorising Tasks

·The categorisation of Tasks identifies which Tasks are the same as each other and are simply being repeated in different locations.
·Category descriptions can be up to 11 characters, and appear in the drop down list for future selection.
·To categorise selected Task(s), in Task Properties>General>Line of Balance either choose a Category from the list of those previously entered, or enter a new category description.

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