3D Objects

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3D Objects

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3D Objects

The 3D Objects Window displays the imported CAD files and their component elements, plus any objects or workspaces created in SYNCHRO.

The view allows the selection of 3D elements and provides functionality to edit/manipulate elements and configure global settings for the project.

Elements in the 3D Objects list are separated into Objects of scene and Workspaces. Objects of scene include imported CAD files and objects created in SYNCHRO using the Create command. Workspaces are created in SYNCHRO using the Create Workspace command.


The check box next each object and node allows the user to load or unload that object or node (and sub-objects) from memory.

·Objects that are checked are loaded into memory. Unchecked objects are not loaded into memory.  This allows the user to save memory space by unloading parts of the model that are not currently being worked with, and therefore increase functionality when working with large models.
·An object cannot be seen in the 3D window unless it is loaded into memory. This is different than a 3D Filter - the check marks in the 3D Objects window mean "load/unload," check marks in the 3D Filters window mean "show/hide."  When an object is checked in a 3D filter, it is displayed in the 3D Window (if it is also checked in the 3D Objects list). Objects not checked in the 3D Filters window are hidden, but can still occupy memory.
·See Options>Synchronisation>3D>Import Settings>General to specify whether objects are loaded or unloaded by default on import. See also Options>3D View>Copy/Paste 3D

Right click in the column headers of 3D Objects window to access the following context menu:


ØTree: Parent-child relationships that roll up to the file name. Sorting is applied to the bottom level resources within each branch only.
ØCustom: Only bottom level 3D Objects (parent Objects are hidden) in a flat list. Select Group in the context menu to group the list by any 3D Object parameter (eg. User Field values)

Customise Columns

Select Customise Columns to add or remove User Field columns to the window. The User Field columns will display any meta-data built into the model. You can then sort the list according to one of these column; for example you may wish to sort by Level or to group objects within each node by building level.


The Sort dialog can be used to sort the table by any visible columns. Right click in the column header area to access the context menu and select Sort to access the dialog.

1. Click Add to insert a new row. From the new row, select the parameter to be sort by from the Sort by drop down menu. Only columns visible in the table are available in the drop-down menu.

NOTE: To add additional columns to the table, use Customise Columns

2. Choose the desired Order: Ascending or Descending
3. Use the Up and Down buttons to change the order of the parameter to be sorted by. Items at the top of the list will be sorted first
4. Use the Remove button to remove the selected parameter from the list. Use the Remove All button to start over again.
5. Press OK to save and exit the dialog

TIP: Any sorting that was applied via left clicking in the table column headers will be pre-populated in the Sort dialog when opened and can be edited.

TIP: You can also sort on any column simply by left click in the column heading you want to sort - Sort Ascending will be applied. A small arrow icon on the right of the column will indicate the sort direction. Left click again to Sort Descending. A third left click will remove sorting


Only available when View Mode is set to Custom. Opens the Group dialog to allow grouping by any parameter (Properties, User Fields)

Custom Filter

Right click in the header of the column you wish to filter by and select Custom Filter... to open the Filter dialog

Clear Filter

To remove a column filter, right click in the header of the desired column and select Clear Filter

Clear All Filters

Clear All Filters removes custom Filters from ALL columns

Conditional Formatting

Add or edit conditional formatting of the column cells based on value


Right click in the header of the column you wish to edit Justification and select Left, Centre, or Right to format the text in the column


The properties relating to the current 3D Object are displayed via tabs in the 3D Properties window.

Context menu (right-click) options are provided to import/remove/synchronise CAD files and 3D elements as well as expanding and collapsing the lists presented in the view.

For more information, see:

6.Filters in the 3D Ribbon. See also Column Filters
7.Create in the 3D Ribbon
9.Edit in the 3D Ribbon
11.Rename edits the name of the selected element
12.Delete the selected 3D element(s)
13.Select All in the 3D Ribbon. Selects all 3D elements in the 3D Window
14.Invert Selection in the 3D Ribbon. Reverses the selection of 3D elements in the 3D Window
15.Copy in the 3D Ribbon (Shortcut: Ctrl+C)
16.Copy as Text - copies the selected cells as text e.g. for pasting in a spreadsheet
17.Paste in the 3D Ribbon (Shortcut: Ctrl+V)
25.Find 3D Object in the 3D Ribbon (Shortcut: Ctrl+F)
26.Replace (Shortcut: Ctrl+H)



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