Working with Microsoft Excel

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Working with Microsoft Excel

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Working with Microsoft Excel

This section provides supplementary information & guidance regarding the installation and configuration of Microsoft Excel as this relates to interworking with the SYNCHRO Client application...

As well as Exporting  or Importing from Microsoft Excel, the SYNCHRO Copy/Paste as Text commands allow you to quickly and easily exchange data to Microsoft Excel.

In order to fully utilise this capability we recommend the following steps:

1.Customise your columns layout either in MS-Excel or in SYNCHRO (see Customise Columns for additional information) so that they match.
TIP:You can also use Layouts if you frequently exchange data with MS-Excel...
2.Make sure the same Date & Time format is used in MS-Excel and SYNCHRO (see Options->General->Time Display Format for further information)

Paste from Microsoft Excel

1.Select the cells in Excel and choose the copy command
2.Select an empty cell within your SYNCHRO Task List
3.Select the Paste Task(s) as Text command

Copy to Microsoft Excel

1.Select the Tasks in SYNCHRO and choose the Copy Task(s) command
2.Select an empty cell in an open Microsoft Excel Worksheet
3.Select the Paste command

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