Working with Primavera P6

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Working with Primavera P6

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Working with Primavera P6

This section provides supplementary information & guidance regarding the installation and configuration of Primavera P6 as this relates to interworking with the SYNCHRO Client application

How Synchronisation Works

Synchronisation between Primavera and SYNCHRO is based upon the underlying identifiers used within Primavera to manage its project information (known as GUIDs). GUIDs are hidden for Primavera P6 users.

By storing copies of these identifiers when we import a Primavera project (or storing them when a SYNCHRO project is exported) we are then able to track and compare the information as it changes - either within SYNCHRO, or within Primavera.

It is important to note that some of these identifiers are global: Database, Enterprise Project Structure (EPS), Project, etc so any changes to these could adversely affect synchronisation.

Successful synchronisation using Primavera P6 GUIDs is only possible if the SAME Database, EPS and Project are used.

If not so (you are going to synchronize with a copy of the project, in the original or another P6 database), SYNCHRO is able to match data on synchronization using user-defined unique identifiers like Project IDs, Activity IDs, WBS codes, Resource IDs, Calendar names, Activity Code names, User-Defined Field names. If this is the case please ensure that:

1. You do NOT change the mentioned identifiers in both the P6 and in the SYNCHRO project. SYNCHRO will not be able to synchronize with project copies correctly just after any of these IDs has been changed.

2. The “Use Activity IDs on synchronization” option is enabled (see Options->Synchronisation->Primavera P6).

Interoperability with Primavera P6 Activity ID

Since Activity ID is a mandatory attribute (empty IDs are not allowable) and limited to 20 characters, then on export or re-export...

- if a task ID is empty then the value is generated as 'Axxx' (xxx is a number) on export or on adding a new task during re-export

- if a project has been exported to P6 and a task ID value has been removed in SYNCHRO (empty task ID), then on re-export the task ID value stored in P6 database will prevail.

- task IDs for summary tasks will be ignored (excluded from synchronisation), and,

- long task IDs will be truncated

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